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This tree is the culmination of genealogical research started by Glenda Waugh over 30 years ago. It's still "a work in progress" and slowly growing...

"I had heard stories about our family history when I was growing up, but I hadn't been interested enough to listen carefully or to ask the right questions. I knew a little about my grandparents, but it was after my Aunt Chrissie - the last of her generation - died in 1991 that I realized I needed to write down what I knew for my daughters so it wouldn't be lost. I had no idea when I started researching my family history that genealogy would become a life-long obsession. I also had no idea how awe-inspiring, humbling, and satisfying it would be to stand on the ground where my ancestor had walked. Most importantly, I know that my daughters now know where they came from." - Glenda Waugh, Albany, California, Feb 9, 2013

This list also includes surnames that some women married into...

AUSTRALIA: Adam, Brown, Leask, Lindsay, Patrick, Smith CANADA: ALBERTA: Exham, Lammie, McNeil, Nicol, Waugh BRITISH COLUMBIA: Blair, Cassidy, Henkel, Russell, Smith, Waugh MANITOBA: Green, Mitchell ONTARIO: Balfour, Black, Campbell, Clark, Cringan, Green, Hossack, Hunter, Karch, Mitchell, Smith, Thompson, Waugh, Whiteside, Yeaman, Zimmerman SASKATCHEWAN: Hunter, Anderson, Edwards, Davison QUEBEC: Fairweather ENGLAND: Angus, Barker, Black, Cheever, Clayson, Evans, Kennedy, Lord, Lockhart, Miller, Munro, Waugh NORTHERN IRELAND: ARMAGH: Hadden, Littlewood, Orr NEW ZEALAND: Aimer SCOTLAND: AIRDRIE AREA: Armstrong, Adam, Black, Brotherton, Campbell, Datcher, Easton, Grant, Henderson, King, Littlewood, Morgan, Orr, Patrick, Russell, Thom, Wardrobe, Widdison AYRSHIRE: Disher, Gibson, Hinchcliffe, Jenkins, Littlewood, McCall, Orr DUMBARTON: Bennett, Cunningham, (Hunter) DUNDEE AREA: Aimer, Bowden, Fairweather, Gibb, Gordon, Ingram, Horsburgh, Kinnear, Low, McKenzie, Mill, Milne, Pennycook, Ross, Russell, Scott, Smith, DUMFRIESSHIRE: Atchison, Angus, Bathgate, Blacklock, Blackstock, Brockie, Barclay, Beck, Bell, Clark, Daley, Elliott, Forrester, Glendinning, Gracie, Green, Graham, Hamilton, Hastie, Hunter, Irving, Jardine, Johnson, Lindsay, McGeorge, McLaren, Maxwell, Murray, Richardson, Rae, Rule, Sanders, Scott, Smith, Steel, Swan, Thompson, Ward, Waugh, Welsh, White, Wilson, Wright EDINBURGH AREA: Borthwick, Brown, McLaren, Medd, Neil, Pennykid, Scott, Vickers, Wall FALKIRK: Pennycook LANARKSHIRE: Anderson, Bain, Bell, Bennet, Brotherton, Bryson, Cadzow, Cameron, Carpenter, Coats, Cochrane, Fletcher, Leggate, Lindsay, Galloway, Gardner, Hamilton, Leggate, Lumsden, McGregor, McKenzie, Merrylees, Millar, Montgomery, Morgan, Muir, Murray, Liverance, Paterson, Robertson, Samuel, Scott, Sommerville, Vickers, Watson, Waugh, Wigston, Wotherspoon PERTHSHIRE: Anderson STIRLING: Adam, Bain, Thom USA: CALIFORNIA: Adam, Brewer, Easton, Grant, Henderson, Keller, Marion, Martinelli, Muir, Patterson, Sheehy, Watty, Waugh COLORADO: Cringan IDAHO: Gray, Livingston, Powers, Wardrobe ILLINOIS: Carpenter, Muir KANSAS: Andres MAINE: Thompson MASSACHUSETTS: Cheever, Fisher, Hovey, Waugh MICHIGAN: Parker, Douglas MONTANA: Armstrong, Becklen, Bell, Gonser, McCartney, McKee, Mallin, Martin, Orr, Rae, NEW YORK: Clark OREGON: Easton NEVADA: Adam, Gray, Powers TEXAS: Lawyer UTAH: Daley, Easton, Gillespie, Gray, Livingston, Widdison WASHINGTON: Pfister WISCONSIN: Hansen, Hunter, Bryce WYOMING: Rae

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See also The Waugh Family - An Historical and Photographic Perspective for more extensive information including family history, historical maps, photos, birth, marriage, death and census records.

John "Jock" Waugh & John "The Joker" Waugh (both Johns were Jokers!)

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Latest News
Autosomal DNA matches with FTDNA and Ancestry.com have verified the accuracy of our genealogical "paper trail" with common ancestors going back to Robert Waugh (born about 1784), to Robert Russell & Agnes Adam (married 1811), to Samuel Orr & Agnes Littlewood (married about 1838), to James Galloway & Fergusia Montgomery (married about 1754) to James Hunter & Jean Hastie (married about 1817) and to Charles Adam & Janet Thom (married about 1788).

Our MtDNA Haplogroup (Jeff and Glenda Waugh) is H4a1a4b. Among the mtDNA haplogroups of Europe, haplogroup H displays two unique features: an extremely wide geographic distribution and a very high frequency in most of its range. Indeed, it is by far the most prevalent haplogroup in all European populations except the Saami, is very common in North Africa and the Middle East, and retains frequencies of 5% to 10% even in northern India and Central Asia, at the edges of its distribution range (Richards et al. 2002).

Our Y-DNA-111 markers (for Jeff Waugh) indicate that we are M253-L22-P109 (I1a1b1 by ISOGG). Big-Y DNA results indicated a new haplogroup of I-S10891 (Nordtvedt May 26, 2014). I-S10891 now has branches to I-Y13930 and a new branch from that to I-Y14225 (June, 2015) and a new terminal haplogroup for our Waugh line of I-FGC21763 (Oct, 2018). It's most likely that our male lineage goes back to Scandinavian settlers in the Irish Sea region and before that to southern Sweden (Västergötland). The map is best viewed full-screen. See also Ancient History